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06.04.09 | 82 Comments

We here at the I.S.anctuary are happy to serve as the Infinite Summer hub. But we also know that the most interesting and insightful analysis will come from Out There, as participants provide updates on their own sites. Thus, for the duration of the event, we’ll be cheerfully providing links to any commentary that comes to our attention.

For now, here are some of the people and organizations who have publicly declared themselves “in”.

Alison Flood of The Guardian’s “Book Blog” says that Infinite Jest “has been on my reading pile for ages … This is exactly the sort of prompt I need.”

Sean of Discover Magazine’s “Cosmic Variance” blog wrote “I once read through Gravity’s Rainbow with a real-world reading group, and it added a lot to the experience … I’m going to give [Infinite Summer] a shot.”

Ezra Klein, a blogger for The Washington Post (on economic and domestic policy, no less), titled his declaration of intent A Supposedly Fun Thing I Plan to Do This Summer. Margaret Lyons did likewise over at Entertainment Weekly in her post To “Infinite” … and beyond!. (We’re pleased as punch for the press, though mildly irked that we didn’t think of those titles first.)

Two thousand people have joined the Facebook group. (Actually we’re three shy, at 1997 members. Don’t make us beg.) On Twitter, about a zillion tweets a day go by containing the hashtag #infsum.

Lauren created a LiveJournal Community. Sarah created a Infinite Summer Shelfari group. Ellen created a page on goodreads.

Deborah started a discussion on Ravelry, a website devoted to knit and crochet. “You have to be a member to participate,” she notes. “But we’d love to see you there!”

Over in the Twin Cities, a local group that enjoys both reading lit and getting lit is joining the fun. See the discussion over at Books and Bars.

And many of you are here today after Colin Meloy of The Decemberists publicized the event. “I’m going for it,” he wrote. “Who’s with me?”

Here’s a random sampling of additional participants:

If you intend to join in the festivities, feel free to mention your site in the comments.