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https://apexpeakfest.com/yhm7zk3ee-3121 Jacket Copy, the LA Times literary organ, interviewed Matthew Baldwin. The Story Behind Infinite Summer. The Valve, meanwhile, finds the project “a little morbid“.

https://www.pageofjoy.com/7vir4ades5 Unbeknownst to us, Infinite Summer was mentioned on television at some point.

https://tranchedebois.com/fry918y031w Mark Flannigan, the Contemporary Literature Guide of About.com, is on-board.

https://www.trespeons.com/2023/12/20/wbdbq6di0d Says Whitney of Feet on Polished Floor: “Reading David Foster Wallace is like punching yourself repeatedly in the face. But in a good way.”

https://aquarl-duval.com/2023/12/20/gqa22gtb0f Danielle started late but is determined to finish by August 12th. Cynthia of Catching Days was also tardy, but has already caught up.

https://twd4x4.com.au/bdyvqr0d8uz Gerry Canavan, on the narrative shift that begins on page 140

The multiple perspectives characteristic of Infinite Jest have now, suddenly, infected the text itself; the chapter headings that had previously presented themselves as objective and reliable third-person-omniscient narration are now uncovered as subjective and perspectival, opinionated, excitable, and frankly a little confused.

Michael posted an “Infinite Summer playlist” at Trials & Tribulations. He also pointed out another playlist made by Señor Cisco.

https://www.fullpotentialnow.org/xbgzm4h02e Many bloggers are providing regular updates of their reading. Among them:

https://aquarl-duval.com/2023/12/20/2uu5ei1tw If you have recently written about Infinite Jest, please let us know in the comments or the forums.