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07.05.09 | 13 Comments

Jacket Copy, the LA Times literary organ, interviewed Matthew Baldwin. The Story Behind Infinite Summer. The Valve, meanwhile, finds the project “a little morbid“.

Unbeknownst to us, Infinite Summer was mentioned on television at some point.

Mark Flannigan, the Contemporary Literature Guide of About.com, is on-board.

Says Whitney of Feet on Polished Floor: “Reading David Foster Wallace is like punching yourself repeatedly in the face. But in a good way.”

Danielle started late but is determined to finish by August 12th. Cynthia of Catching Days was also tardy, but has already caught up.

Gerry Canavan, on the narrative shift that begins on page 140

The multiple perspectives characteristic of Infinite Jest have now, suddenly, infected the text itself; the chapter headings that had previously presented themselves as objective and reliable third-person-omniscient narration are now uncovered as subjective and perspectival, opinionated, excitable, and frankly a little confused.

Michael posted an “Infinite Summer playlist” at Trials & Tribulations. He also pointed out another playlist made by Señor Cisco.

Many bloggers are providing regular updates of their reading. Among them:

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