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08.09.09 | 17 Comments

Despite the Avery induced exodus, many folks tenaciously cling to the Infinite Jest bandwagon. The most indefatigable chronicles are:

The fine folks over at Infinite Zombies

Gerry Canavan

Infinite Detox

Infinite Tasks

I Just Read About That

Love, Your Copyeditor

The Feminist Texican

Conversational Reading


Repat Blues

Chris Forster

Brain Hammer

Naptime Writing

Infinite Jestation

A Supposed Fun Blog (although they haven’t posted in a fortnight, so perhaps they have been defatigabled …)

Crystal Bae wrote a nice little entry about Infinite Summer on her blog, Aesthetics of Everywhere. Mike Miley discussed Infinite Summer on The Huffington Post. There was also an article in The Daily Texan.

Reid Carlberg “Finished That Damn Book“. R.J. Adler of A Litany of Nonsense hit page 500 in the novel and asked “Halfway to What?

And Jeremy Stober can’t figure out why he likes Infinite Jest:

In the meat and heft, the narrative always seems just easy enough to read that you don’t even realize how much of the novel’s world you are absorbing, as if it sort of slips in through osmosis and entrenches itself in your metabolic pathways as you lug the physical weight of the book around.

Lastly, the students of ENG 590 at Albany’s College are reading Infinite Jest in three weeks (!!), and keeping blogs all the while. You can read about the class here, and find the course website (including links to the student blogs) at ijstrose.wordpress.com.

if you have written about Infinite Jest recently, please let us know in the forums or the comments.