Countdown, Preparation

The List

06.01.09 | 27 Comments

You’ve been meaning to do it for over a decade. Now join endurance bibliophiles from around the web as we tackle and comment upon David Foster Wallace’s masterwork over the summer of 2009. The festivities begin on June 21st and run through September 22nd.

Until then, attend to your to do list:

  • Buy or borrow the novel. To find or provide tips on copies in local bookstores, visit the forums.
  • Follow us on Twitter, and see what others are tweeting.
  • Join the Facebook group.
  • Check out Infinite Tumblr. (We may not do anything with that, but urging people to “check out” your newly created Tumblr is required by federal and municipal law.)
  • Bookmark this site, or subscribe to the XML feed.
  • Finish or abandon all books, hobbies, and/or relationships before June 21st.

Tomorrow: The rules.