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a1Books: brand-new 1996 Hardcover for $16.10
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Author:  fiona [ Sat Jun 27, 2009 5:02 am ]
Post subject:  a1Books: brand-new 1996 Hardcover for $16.10

I bought a brand-new 1996 Hardcover of IJ at for $16.10--haven't gotten it yet, but I don't have any reason to think it's not the real thing, brand-new w/ DJ in good condition. I just checked (early Saturday AM) and it's still available at the $16.10 price. Be sure to search on "David Foster Wallace," not "Infinite Jest." The website's rather obtuse, but ultimately, it let me make the
order. =smile=

i'm usually perfectly content with a paperback, but when i got the 2006 paperback (Back Bay Books) home, I was shocked to discover that the paper my copy is printed on is basically pulp. It's noticeably grey and has dark flecks in it--like a newspaper, but not quite that bad. I'd wondered about it even in the store, thinking, "Gee, that looks dirty, as if it's been handled a lot, but it's an odd sort of dirt--so uniform, and on the top and bottom of the pages, too--doesn't make any sense." Did any of you get a copy like that?

But I'm pleased to have gotten the paperback, for David Egger's introduction. And I'll be able to carry it instead of the hardcover, when I expect to be in grungy situations. =grin= Best of both worlds, eh?


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