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07.26.09 | 12 Comments

Gerry Canavan continues to crank out stellar essays on the novel. Ditto for Paul Debraski, The Feminist Texican, and Aaron Riccio.

In the Crossover Event of 2009, Andrew of Blographia Literaria posts on Scott’s Conversational Reading, about DFW’s habitual use of parenthetical names in many of his (Wallace’s) more convoluted sentences. Ray of “Love, Your Copyeditor”, meanwhile, demands to know “who signed off on all the hyphens“. And Mo Pie need someone to explain the likes.

Ellen of “Wormbook” provides a two part progress report on her reading thus far: How, Why.

The Infinite Summer Flickr pool now has over 70 photos and 100 members.

Chris of “UInterview” wonders if all the attention Infinite Summer has been receiving lately is just a fad–and if that is necessarily a bad thing. R.J. of “A Litany of Nonsense” isn’t giving up on the novel, but has just about had it with Infinite Summer. And now, in week five, we are seeing our first concession speeches, such as this one from “Literata”.

Jim Donaldson sent us email:

Here is something you may wish to post in the weekly round up. Or maybe not.

Neighborhoodies, of Brooklyn NY, makes an Enfield Tennis Academy t-shirt and sweatshirt. The t shirts are all custom made so you can get any combination of colors you want, though it seems to me purists would want it in regulation red and gray.

They can be found here and here.

When I asked them to make a couple of proofreading corrections in their copy and mentioned Infinite Summer, they responded by saying that we can get $5 off any purchase if we put the code considerthemobster (yes, “mobster”) in the coupon field.

I have no connection with the company at all, other than being a prior satisfied customer–and sufficiently SNOOTY to copy edit their web page and tell them about it.

Jim sent a similar message to the wallace-l listserv, which spawned a thread on Infinite Jest related merchandise. Some other items that were mentioned:

Like Jim, we have no connection to the folks selling this stuff. But, in the bottom of this topic the the forums, someone proposes Infinite Summer t-shirts. If you have an idea for a design, or the graphical chops to create a print-ready image, let us know in this topic devoted to the subject.

You can also use the forums to let us know if you have recently written about Infinite Jest, or mention it in the the comments of this post.