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Infinite Summer: Dracula

… is a go. Please visit (and circulate) infinitesummer.org/dracula.

After Summer Parties

There are a number of post-I.S. parties in the works. Here are the ones of which we are aware:

Andbutso (Austin):

Skylight Books (Los Angeles): A party to celebrate the completion of Infinite Jest by people all over Los Angeles, the country and the world in conjunction with Infinite Summer 2009. We also would like to celebrate the life and work of David Foster Wallace, a writer who so many of us deeply admired. We are hoping to have people who knew DFW personally in addition to members of the media and the general public. We will have refreshments (both AA and non-AA versions) and desserts which will include a custom cake from StraightOuttaChocolate and cookies which DFW himself enjoyed when he read at Skylight a number of years back. There will be a limited number of custom commemorative tennis balls courtesy of Sideshow Media, publishers of Elegant Complexity (an Infinite Jest guide). Update: John Krasinski, actor/director/writer for the movie Brief Interviews With Hideous Men, will be joining us to promote the movie (which opens the same day). He will read a bit from the book and sign movie posters.

Booksmith (San Francisco): Monday, September 28 at 7:30 p.m.. Let your social life commence again! Join other IJ readers – face-to-face, this time — to discuss the intricate complexities of a novel that has changed your perception of light reading. Bring your beaten and battered copy of Infinite Jest to enter a contest to see whose copy has been most abused. Suggested $5 donation covers wine and food.

We’ll supplement this list as more celebrations are brought to our attention.

The Remaining Schedule

The Guides will provide one more week of essay-style posts, followed by an “End of Summer Roundtable” from the 21st to the 25th.