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Help: DuPlessis's Boss?
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Author:  paris [ Tue Jul 28, 2009 12:18 pm ]
Post subject:  Help: DuPlessis's Boss?

This is a question, but I want to hear answers that remain behind the Spoiler line. I am working on a blog post discussing/parsing what we know of anti-O.N.A.N.-ite politics, and can't remember if we know who DuPlessis was working for, as he is referred to as "the right-hand man to probably the most infamous anti-O.N.A.N. organizer north of the Great Concavity," (p. 94). It doesn't seem to be M. Fortier, the leader of the wheelchair assassins (A.F.R.) both for and against whom Marathe is spying. Nor does it appear likely to be Luria Perec herself. Did I miss something?

Author:  gregcarlisle [ Fri Jul 31, 2009 12:46 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Help: DuPlessis's Boss?

Page 319 suggests DuPlessis educated all the cells, and we only know about A.F.R. leaders, so I have assumed we either don't know about this high-level organizer or that since DuPlessis works for all the cells, this most dangerous guy could be the A.F.R. leader, Fortier.

Author:  paris [ Fri Jul 31, 2009 9:55 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Help: DuPlessis's Boss?

Thanks, Greg. I'm glad I didn't miss something obvious (though when the post query sat for a few days with no answers, I figured I hadn't). That Fortier is the "most dangerous" may well be true, though it probably doesn't make him the most "infamous."

Since the spoiler line has creeped up past this most recent S/M convo, there is indeed more confirmation that Fortier is to be feared. Steeply accuses him of having no "delineatable strategic political goals and objectives," and thus standing outside a "sort of playing field of context" (p. 421).

Aaaron (at totally nails this when he writes that A.F.R. is disrupting the map/territory problem, not playing "by the rules" and thus recapitulating the Eschaton episode (he calls this an "Eschatonic" moment, I love that word!).

See ... es_31.html

Aaron's full quote is:
This right here is downright Eschatonic, or to go further back, like the Schtitt description of tennis (p. 82): "humanly contained, bounded by the talent and imagination of self and opponent." In other words, we need rules, which is to say really that we need Understanding, and attacking us without providing either, that's real fantods-causing terrorism. This also fits with the darkly humorous notion of "war" as "business" (or as a game)--when it gets personal, things fall to pieces.

I did go ahead and post the referred-to post-in-progress at my blog.

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