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A Flaw in DFW's Timeline?
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Author:  paris [ Sun Sep 06, 2009 9:26 am ]
Post subject:  Re: A Flaw in DFW's Timeline?

gregcarlisle wrote:
Gately apparently has been told that Joelle “just showed up two days ago right after supper” after being “up at Brigham and Women’s for five days." But of course Joelle “entered the House just today,” “as of Interdependence Day A.M.’s discharge from B&W” (n. 134). Gately knows that Joelle “got in overnight under some private arrangement with somebody on the House’s Board of Directors”, that there’s “been no talk of a humility job for her”, and that “Pat’s counseling the girl personally."

This is indeed tempting even if not definitive, and I will choose to prefer this interpretation to the idea that DFW simply got such a straightforward matter of timing wrong. I'm going to forward this over to Paul at I just Read About That, since we've been exchanging time-line related ideas on our respective blogs.

I'm really looking forward to your book, which I intend to start on September 23rd!

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