The Guides and The Community

09.30.09 | 19 Comments

As with Infinite Jest we again have a number of writers on-board, who will be reading the novel for the first time and commenting as they go. Here is our schedule for posting, and an introduction to the three Guides.

Monday: Kevin Fanning is an Internet raconteur, as well as a Contributing Writer for The Morning News (for whom he penned Baby’s First Internet, How Everything Turned Out, and much more. He has recently turned to authoring chapbooks, including The Location Scout and Fever Dream Ghost Book. He chronicles his life and projects on In Case of Actual Death.

Wednesday: Claire Zulkey wrote a book and called it An Off Year and it was published and it is good. She also contributes to the Show Tracker column in the LA Times, The Onion’s A.V. Club, and so many other places that I can’t even summarize. (Her recent list for McSweeney’s, In Case My New Young-adult Novel Doesn’t Sell, Here Are My Backup Ideas, presaged her involvement in this project by including the phrase “sexy vampire”.) She lives in Chicago which is, by all accounts, the best city in the country.

Friday: Matthew Baldwin is the thinker-upper and editor of Infinite Summer. Between his gigs as a desultory blogger and a contributing writer for The Morning News, he has bestowed upon the Internet such 20-minute sensations as The IKEA Walkthrough, The 30 Least Hot Follow-ups to the 30 Hottest Things You Can Say to a Naked Woman, and The Definitive Solution to the 12-13 Man Problem. In his spare time he writes about whatever damn-fool thing enters his head, including but not limited to board game reviews, parental advice, crime fiction, and screenplays for NBC’s “The Office”.

On Tuesdays we will be running essays from guests. On Thursdays we will provide a roundup of postings from those who are blogging their reading of Dracula elsewhere.

A few of the sites from our Infinite Jest blogroll will be joining us in this endeavor as well. The group blog Infinite Zombies will be in the fray, and they are seeking a few more contributors to help out. Infinitedetox will also be returning, as will Aaron of That Sounds Cool. And word on the rough and tumble streets of the knit and crochet community is that Ravelry is back for more.

Some others who have publicly declared themselves in:

Plus, a veritable chorus of tweeters: @The_Cat_Army, @KevinPHaley, @muggie14, @DrMathochist, @orphum, @johnteall, @nopanen, @svwagner, @JoniRodgers, jordanpearce (and a host of other Houstonites), @benb, @sweaternine, @dotsara, and many, many more.

There are a few other websites and resources we’d be remiss to omit.

Ralph adapted his Infinite Summer progress tracker for Dracula: infinite-summer.appspot.com.

Realtime Dracula has been reprinting the work in Tweet form (see: @JHarkerEsq, @MinaHarker2be, @JackSewardMD, etc.).

And over at Infocult, Bryan is reprinting passages from the novel on the day they were supposedly written (thus, his most recent post is the entry from Dr. Seward’S Diary dated “29 September, night”).

If you will be reading Dracula along with the group and are not mentioned above, please let us know in the comments to this post or in the forum.