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And If I See Van Helsing, I Swear That I Will Slay Him! Hah Hah Hah!

10.28.09 | 9 Comments

I think this is my last post on old Dracky which makes me sad since I had so many things I wanted to still wanted to ask and discuss. Like why do we think Stoker included Quincey Morris with the crew?  (I don’t think I would have missed him if he weren’t there).  And does anyone else think Joseph Valente is sort of pushing the Irish thing too hard? “The goulash clearly represents cabbage, a staple in the Irish diet”.

But really, what I want to know now is how Van Helsing can believe so many things at once. I just finished Chapter 25, where Van Helsing delivers yet another one of his long, LONG monologues, this time about Dracula’s “child-brain” (something I have a hard time not reading strangely since the last thing I think of when I think Count Dracula is a child [unless it's a dead one]).  We seem to be back at criminology, or the psychology of the criminal mind, which Stoker first visited when Jonathan was in Transylvania. This is how Van Helsing decides to deal with Dracula for the moment, which is fine.  I just wonder how Van Helsing, especially as a doctor, can rationalize relying on psychology, medicine and religion all at once in dealing with Dracula. Obviously we’re suspending our disbelief (in just a few ways) for the duration of the book but I was already raising my proverbial eyebrow when Van Helsing began invoking Christianity in earnest.  Van Helsing and Stoker sort of reinvent religion to give it specific guidelines for dealing with things like vampires, when, as far as I know, vampires were never mentioned per se in the Bible (although that would have made Sunday school more fun).

It’s just interesting to wonder where Stoker (and Van Helsing) decided to draw the lines between Van Helsing’s various ways of dealing with Dracula.  When does your faith in Jesus stop aiding you and at what point do you need to start relying on science, either medical or psychological?  Moreover I’m getting sick of Van Helsing’s neverending monologues which he seems to deliver based on whatever’s motivating him at the moment. SHUT UP ALREADY AND GET TO VAMPIRE FIGHTING.  So as long as he’s blabbing I’m just curious what at the moment he’s deciding to use in his war on the undead, and why.


Speaking of vampires, I am going to re-watch Bram Stoker’s Dracula and sink my fangs into some candy come this Halloween, just to compare the book and the movie like I said I wanted to (I still think Keanu Reeves as Jonathan is going to be greater than I remembered).  But last week I watched the film Let the Right One In which is undoubtedly a better movie and probably vampire flick (although the vampirism in the movie isn’t as scary as some other parts of it).  It’s no vampire rock opera from Forgetting Sarah Marshall, but still, I approve.